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I am a small time Booktuber on Youtube and book reviewer on here and Goodreads! I blog mostly book content, but other content may slip in every now and again. What you might find here or on Youtube: books, poetry, life in general, hobbies, mental health awareness...etc. I'm a doll and toy collector, so that is bound to show up one day.


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I do accept Kindle (or physical) books for reviewing, though I am not activly seeking anything out right now. If you want to send me something unsolicited, I reserve the right to turn it down.


I read and review for fun, so I do them in my own time.


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text: Reading progress update: I've read 192 out of 292 pages.
It has been a while since I've read this book. In my defense, there are some books you can take your time with, like short story collections. Just finished - And Lead Us Not...
Ordinary Souls - J.S. Bailey
updated shelf:
Sex Education - Jenny Davis
Sex Education by Jenny Davis
Trigger warning: A Small part where they discuss abortion & rape. Please don't let the title put you off! Amazing story. However, just a little warning, this book broke m...
Sex Education - Jenny Davis
"It was Mrs. Packletide's pleasure and intention that she should shoot a tiger. Not that the lust to kill had suddenly descend..."
text: The Goodreads Choice Awards
I love to read, but The Goodreads Choice Awards makes me realize that I don't read a lot of current books. I tend to read a lot of older books, and I love to reread books. I...
I finally found a way to indicate the partial reveals, full reveals, and number of activities/points per door. And I was able...
Even in prose,Cummings' idiosyncratic lack of a space after a comma is found.
text: Have you heard of Stepp Cemetery?
There is a place in my town called “Stepp Cemetery” and local legends talks of a sad, lonely ghost of a Woman in Black who wanders the graveyard. There are many different vers...
I decided to stick with this one. I've got about half of the book left to go, and hopefully I'll finish it tomorrow after wor...
text: Phobia
I have a phobia, but I won't say what, because I am afraid someone will subconsciously post about it. I'm sure I'm safe in this space from anyone doing it on purpose, though! ...
text: You're cool. You do you and I will do me...
A lot of blogs might not be book related, just life isn't all books. I know, shocking! I can't walk or stand for very long, chronic pain bites! I can't fully participate at ...
text: Think before you speak haha
I don't have anywhere to share this story, so I am going to share it here. My mom, who is 56 years old and not good with technology at all is quite proud of herself that she...
When a bookshop patron commits suicide, his favorite store clerk must unravel the puzzle he left behind. Lydia Smith lives he...
updated shelf:
First Date - R.L. Stine
First Date by R.L Stine
Here we are again with body shaming, and shaming curly hair again as well (come on, what is so wrong with curly hair R.L Stine!?) R.L Stine is huge with rape culture in his ...
First Date - R.L. Stine

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Paperbacks from Hell: The Twisted History of '70s and '80s Horror Fiction by Grady Hendrix
Progress: 100/256pages
Ordinary Souls by J.S. Bailey
Progress: 192/292pages