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I accept kindle books for review. I reserve the right to turn down book. Email and ask before sending kindle copy. If you send a book unsolicited, I may still read and review, but only if it interest me.


I read and review for fun, so I do them in my own time.

Email and send kindle copies here: Currently not taking review books!

updated shelf:
Why Men Don't Have a Clue and Women Always Need More Shoes: The Ultimate Guide to the Opposite Sex - Allan Pease, Barbara Pease
*Bangs head on table*
Oh, my! What was young me thinking? I bought this book when I was probably a late teenager. Who knows why! Honestly, this book is not great. I flipped to a random page and it ...
Why Men Don't Have a Clue and Women Always Need More Shoes: The Ultimate Guide to the Opposite Sex - Allan Pease, Barbara Pease
text: I failed...or did I?
I'm sorry I haven't been around on my blog or interacted with anyone I follow. I've been out of the book world. I can't read, I can't even watch many book related videos. You ...
There was a stage production of 2666. Can see it here for free for the next two years.
Watson has come to regret accepting an old friend's invitation to take a sort of holiday at the friend's country estate (that...
As I write this, it's 1:30 on the afternoon of the 29th. Trying to untangle the intricacies of the International Date Line w...
Sorority is more a collection of short stories than a full-length novel. The story starts with an introduction of sorts to ea...
Loved mostly all of these short stories. We end with a Poirot short story which weirdly didn’t fit the messed up theme that w...
So, the bloggers participating in Dewey's Readathon also create mini-challenges that you can do while you read. A big thank y...
I LOVED this book.... aside from the beheading, starving, and taxing people. That wasn't nice. I really enjoyed the story t...
My reviews are honest & they contain spoilers. For more, follow me: Solitary Horseman is my second novel by Deborah Camp. So...
text: One of those days
Man, I really miss Steve Irwin & Mr. Rogers. They are some of the "famous" people whose deaths feel really personal, as if they were family. Each time I see mention of them,...
text: Old fanfiction... cringe
I'm really happy because I found some old fanfiction that I thought was lost forever. They are from when i first started to write, so they are bad and cringy. I was a silly fa...