Leigha's Little Library

I am a small time Booktuber on Youtube and book reviewer on here and Goodreads! I blog mostly book content, but other content may slip in every now and again. What you might find here or on Youtube: books, poetry, life in general, hobbies, mental health awareness...etc. I'm a doll and toy collector, so that is bound to show up one day.


You can find all my links in my profile. I'm thankful for any followers here and subscribers over on Booktube. If you have Goodreads, please add me. I love seeing all the book recommendations from various people.


YT: Leigha's Life Insta: Leigha's Life

FB: Leigha's Little Library GR: Leigha's Life


I do accept Kindle (or physical) books for reviewing, though I am not activly seeking anything out right now. If you want to send me something unsolicited, I reserve the right to turn it down.


I read and review for fun, so I do them in my own time.


Private message me for more info.