Two short stories [Review]

Billy's Zombie by




13 page


A young boy decides to enact revenge on the people who he thinks do not like him by raising a zombie and you know the rest... (well, you know what zombies do at least.)


My review for this is simple: If only this had been at least novella length. I liked the story, but there just wasn't enough there to hook me. If it was better fleshed out, I would consider giving the author another chance.


The Legend of the Zombie by



32 pages


I would give the artwork 4 stars. I liked the art style a lot.

I started this thinking it was a comic book. It is sort of one, but more of a mixture of picture book/comic. There is more text than would be in a simple picture book. Age range doesn't matter for me as I'll read anything, but I have no idea who they were trying to publish this for. The artwork might grab a person's attention, but the words were too boring. It is presented as a fact book about where the term zombie came from, which could have been done in a really entertaining way.



[Here is an example of the artwork.]


I ended up giving both stories a 2/5.


I used Scribd (Billy's Zombie) and Amazon FreeTime Unlimted (The Legend of the Zombie) to read these. Both have free trials avalible!


I'm paying $8.99 for Scribd. Not bad! You can get 2 months free here: Trial


FreeTime is for the kids in the family, but I will read from it, too. Heck, I'm a big kid! $4.99 or $2.99 if you have Prime.