Reading progress update: I've read 192 out of 292 pages.

Ordinary Souls - J.S. Bailey

It has been a while since I've read this book. In my defense, there are some books you can take your time with, like short story collections.


Just finished - And Lead Us Not -  Disturbing. I wish there were more details and that it were longer. I know it is a short story, but something was lacking. Well written, but the story wasn't my cup of tea. Great, unexpected way to end it, though.


16 stories, 11 finished.


The Mirror - 5/5

The Ghost of Memory - 3.5/5

Vapers - 3/5

Maria - 1/5

Agoraphobia - 4/5

The Author, The Lonely Walker and The Class - 4/5

The Outing - 3/5

Imaginary Friend - 4/5

Weary Traveler - 4/5

Journal Entry From The End Of The Universe - 5/5

And Lead Us Not - 2.5/5