Reading progress update: I've read 65 out of 292 pages.

Ordinary Souls - J.S. Bailey

I've only finshed the first short story so far.


The Mirror: 5/5
I really enjoyed this short story. It is about a mirror that shows you things it shouldn't show you. (Yeah that doesn't sound confusing at all, does it? I promise the story itself makes much more sense than I do!) I couldn't help feeling some Harry Potter "Mirror of Erised" vibes while reading this because the moral of the story. Great short story and I liked the writing style. Set in the UK. I appreciate the research J.S did to make it sound authentic. (Maybe that helped with giving me the Harry Potter vibes lol) The ending was perfect and left me wishing this story was a longer one! For sure a spooky concept!




Side note, I've personally met J.S. Bailey and got this book signed! I think I've made a vlog about it in the past. (Also won some of her audiobooks on Audible. It is about time I read one of her books!)