Do You Have Goodreads? Are We A Match?

Reaching out to those of you who have and are active on Goodreads. I need some more variety in my feed! So please add me as a friend! I feel really awkward about adding people, most are random people from Booktube, or people whose reviews I've liked. What if they don't add me back? What if they think I'm creepy?


Sure, some of these people, I really like and wish they would notice me and take me under their wing, but it isn't like I binge watch their videos for hours or something. *cough*



Goodreads is like Tender for book lovers... 9 times out of 10, I don't get a match. (I've never used Tender. I'm married, plus I'm Asexual. What do I know?)


Don't mind me. Making friends as an adult is hard. You know, I'm just a tad bit sleep deprived. Some nights I just can't sleep. It is almost 6am, so tired, so headache... ugh. So snorey husband!


I'm lonely. There. Said it.



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