Go big or go home?

I've not been able to read for a month or so, but I just read a short poetry book, so that felt nice. :D I have a really hard time focusing and also can't seem to just pick up the book and go. That's executive dysfunction for you.


However, I really want to find my groove again. I get better when I get into a routine of some sort. I've started Salem's Lot by Stephen King, but I also think I want to tackle a bigger book after Salem's Lot, as the bigger books are the ones I've always put off because of my lack of focus. Les Miserables and Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell. (Both over 1000 pages) are both on my list to read.


I've actually put them off for over a decade, despite really wanting to read them. Should I ease myself back into reading with a bunch of small books or slowly chip off chunks of a big book?


Any other chunkers worth reading? I'm also on the lookout for more Gothic literature, so if you have any recommendations, that would be great.