I should photoshop?

So I haven't updated this blog in a long time. Real life has just been a pain in the butt. I've not been in a reading mood either, so this post isn't book related; just something I feel like sharing with anyone who cares.



So a little bit personal: I'm like 100% sure I am autistic (Aspie).


One of the things I struggle with is taking care of my appearance. I am horrible with my hair and know nothing about makeup, but sometimes I want to try and "fit in" and play with makeup anyways, but I have a lot to learn. So I posted this photo

Image may contain: Leigha Mae Desmond, eyeglasses and closeup


on my personal Facebook page and one of my "friends" replied this: [He's a 70+ YO man]



Don't like those black lips at all. The eyes should be the most outstanding - but the lips steal it - badly. Something wrong with the chest - looks like hair. You need to photoshop that my friend. Good eyes, but they are a tad too dark - makes you look shady and sinister. The glasses are a superb choice. You could afford to bring the hairline just a smidgen forward - it would look more feminine. On the whole - a good pic that could do well with a little 'enhancing'. xx



Then my mom jumps on board:


She's being real, not "fake". No need to enhance. She wasn't asking for the photos to

be critiqued. WOW, sir...


He replies:


You have a real problem - she's a friend I am trying to help - you don't like my help give your own opinions and don't attack me for offering mine - because I too am trying to help. God you defensive friends do more damage than good."


My mom:


Ha! I'm her mother, thank you very much!


He says:


I don't care if you re her risen again great great grand mother. Wise up woman.


My husband had to chime in as well:


Just stop. She didn't ask for advice. She doesn't need "enhancing". She can look however she wants. Who are you to tell her what looks best??


I'm sitting here watching this, just laughing. I was hurt at first, but now I don't know what to think. How do you respond to things like this?