I haven't posted on Booktube (Bookish Youtube Channel) in ages. I'm just not feeling the filming or reading much lately.

My depression & anxiety has been drowning me. I've mostly been zoning out on playing video games and watching people play them. I know, I have no life. :(



The only books I've read so far this year are comic books from Netgally.(Read for review books) I have a stack of graphic novels from the library that are just sitting here, getting closer and closer to the due date, but I just don't feel up to reading them.


Why do we sometimes procrastinate things we love?


My aunt (Step dad's sister) died about a week ago from pneumonia. Her heart stopped two times, so she was also brain dead. She had down syndrome, so I think that lowered her immune system. It's just really sad, and I think I'm really feeling more depressed from it.


I've started to have breathing and coughing problems and I'm having panic attacks, making it worse. Rationally, I know I'm fine, but my brain is telling me I have pneumonia, too. I do catch it easily, but I haven't been exposed to it as far as I know.


If you're the praying type, say one for me, or just keep me in your thoughts and send me good vibes.


Hope everyone is well,