Kringle by Tony Abbott

I did not finish this book, so this isn't a review per say, but just putting this here as it may or may not be up your alley. I can see how it would be liked by the intended age group, too!





This is a beautiful looking book, no doubt about that. The story could be an amazing one. Who doesn't think it is cool to have a Santa origin story with goblins, elves and pirates? Yes, please. To me it sounds like The Lord of The Rings with Frodo being Santa or something.

The truth is that I could not get past how random the story seemed to be. It was honestly annoying how Kringle talked out loud to himself so much about everything, as if he had an audience listening. It might have been believable if he were thinking some of the stuff to himself, but nope.I know it is realistic that there are some people who have conversations with themselves, but it felt like this aspect of Kringle was just an excuse to do nothing but telling and not showing. I felt bored.

The writing style is fine, there is nothing wrong with it per say. I just don't think it is for me at this time. It might be a mood thing; maybe I am not as into the holiday spirit as I thought. I will try to read this again at a later date.


The premise of the story really does make me want to finish it and see how it plays out. I guess only time will tell.