Miss Kane's Christmas by Caroline Mickelson

Miss Kane's Christmas - Caroline Mickelson


I was in the mood for some Christmas spirit, so I downloaded a bunch of free books off Amazon. We all know that can be a huge hit or miss. I found this novella cute, and a quick little read. There were some things that didn't sit well with me, as I am not a fan of insta love and that is exactly what this story is.

This story is totally cheesy, and I mean no disrespect to the author. There is good cheesy and then there is bad cheesy. This one is good "Hallmark" type of cheesy. Perfect for this season when you want to get lost in a feel good story.

A family story that is appropriate for young and old. Freebies usually end up being erotica, nothing against it, but I was happy this was just some good, clean fun. I do think this would have been better as a longer length novel, with the characters more fleshed out and the love being more realistic. Sure, there is magic involved and maybe destiny, but insta love is still not my cup of tea in most cases.

I liked the idea behind the naughty elf who brought some mischief to the story. I would have liked to see that part more in detail.

Overall, I think it is written well and it flows decently, but it does feel like chunks of the story is missing.